Dr Samantha FUNG

Journal publications:

Publication in refereed journal

Fung, S. S. W., Lam, T. H., Sun, Y., Man, P. K. W., Ip, J. C. M., Wan, A. N. T., Stewart, S. M., and Ho, S. Y. (2020). "A cluster randomized controlled trial of more appreciation and less criticism in Hong Kong parents." Journal of Family Psychology, pp.00-00

Fung, S. S. W., Stewart, S. M., Ho, S. Y., Wong, J. P. S., and Lam, T. H. (2010). "Body dissatisfaction, maternal appraisal, and depressive symptoms in Hong Kong adolescents" International Journal of Psychology, Vol.45, pp.453-460

Lam, T. H., Lee, S. W., Fung, S. S. W., Ho, S. Y., Lee, P. W. H., and Stewart, S. M. (2009). "Sociocultural Influences on Body Dissatisfaction and Dieting in Hong Kong Girls" European Eating Disorders Review, Vol.17, No.2, pp.152-160

Conference papers:

Refereed conference paper

Fung, S. S. W., Yu, X. N., Hirschmann, M, Stewart, S. M., and Lam, T. H. (2011). "A brief theory-driven pilot intervention to increase fruit and vegetable consumption in Hong Kong Chinese adults" Hong Kong College of Community Medicine 2011 Annual Scientific Meeting—Global Public Health Challenges, Hong Kong

Fung, S. S. W., Stewart, S. M., Lee, S. W., Ho, S. Y., Lee, S., and Lam, T. H. (2009). "Validation of the Sociocultural Attitudes Towards Appearance Questionnaire (SATAQ-3) among Hong Kong adolescents" International Conference on Eating Disorders, Academy for Eating Disorders, Cancun, Mexico

Other conference paper

Fung, Samantha (2017). "Mental Health Treatment Gap" International Conference on the 20th Anniversary of the Establishment of HKSAR, Hong Kong, 19 May 2017

Other outputs:

Fung, Samantha (2016). "The effectiveness of single-session group interventions to promote positive changes in family wellbeing in Hong Kong Chinese Parents"

Fung, Samantha (2010). "Sociocultural pressures for thinness, body dissatisfaction, and depressive symptoms in Hong Kong Chinese adolescents"