Dr Regan LAM

Conference papers:

Refereed conference paper

Lam, Regan, and Lee, Daisy (2018). "Retaining Users for Social Networking Sites", In Jodie Conduit, Carolin Plewa, Dean Wilkie ed. 2018 ANZMAC Conference Proceedings, Adelaide, 03 December 2018, University of Adelaide, Adelaide, pp.304-304

Lee, Daisy, and Lam, Regan (2016). "Marketing Private Higher Education: Social Media’s Share of Voice in Online Search", In Christine Bernadas and Delphine Minchella ed. Proceedings of the 3rd European Conference on Social Media Research, Caen, France, 12 July 2016, Academic Conferences and Publishing International Limited, Reading, UK., pp.168-173

Other outputs:

Wong, Phoebe, Lee, Daisy, Ng, Peggy, and Lam, Regan (2016). "Factors Influencing Student Choice of Top-up Degree Programme in relation to Online Search. The Inaugural Asian Conference on Education & International Development (ACEID2016), Kobe, Japan, 4 April 2016"