Dr Edmund WUT

Scholarly books, monographs and chapters:

Chapter in an edited book (author)

Wut, Tai-ming (2019). "Elevator Energy-Efficient Projects in the Next Generation of High-Rise Green Buildings", In Jingyan Fu and Artie Ng ed. Sustainable Energy and Green Finance for a Low-carbon Economy, Perspectives from the Greater Bay Area of China, Springer, Germany, pp.245-258

Journal publications:

Publication in refereed journal

Wut, T.M, Xu, B, and Wong, S.M (2021). "A 15 years Review of ‘Corporate Social Responsibility Practices’ Research in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry" Journal of Quality Assurance in Hospitality and Tourism, pp.00-00

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Conference papers:

Refereed conference paper

Tsui, B, Ng, P, Tavitiyaman, Pimtong, and Wut, E (2021). "The role of work values and career management on perceived employability in tertiary education" CAUTHE 2021, Australia

Wut, TM, Xu, B, Sum, C, and Yui Yip, Lau (2021). "Factors affecting mainland Chinese (home place) university students’ intention to stay in Hong Kong (host place): Perspective from social capital theory" 14th Annual Conference of the EuroMed Academy of Business, Palermo, Italy

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