Dr Alina ZHANG

Scholarly books, monographs and chapters:

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ZHANG, Xinyan, and TAVITIYAMAN, Pimtong (2020). "E-Supply Chain Management in Tourism Destinations", In Xiang, Z., Fuchs, M., Gretzel, U., Höpken, W. ed. Handbook of e-Tourism, Springer, Cham, pp.1-21

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Tavitiyaman, Pimtong, Zhang, X, and Tsang, W.Y. (2020). "How tourists perceive the usefulness of technology adoption in hotels: Interaction effect of past experience and education level" Journal of China Tourism Research, pp.0-0

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Zhang, X, and Tavitiyaman, Pimtong (2021). "Sustainability Courses in Hospitality and Tourism Higher Education: Perspectives from Industry Practitioners and Intern Students", APacCHRIE Conference, 3-4 June 2021, Singapore