Dr Nancy GUO

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Wu, Yang Andrew, and Guo, Songdan Nancy (2020). "Penetration of Electric Vehicles in the Great Bay Area of China", In Fu, J. and Ng, A.W. ed. Sustainable Energy and Green Finance: Perspectives from the Greater Bay Area of China, Springer, Switzerland, pp.1-18

Guo, Nancy (2014). "Ontogenetic analysis of college English textbooks in China -- a systemic-functional perspective", In David Qian & Li Lan ed. Teaching and Learning English in East Asian Universities: Global Visions and Local Practice , Cambridge Scholars Publishing, London, pp.360-376

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Guo, Nancy (2019)。 語言觀視角下的當代英語含蓄條件句研究

Le , Guobin, and Guo, Nancy (2018). "An approach to the cultivation pattern for business English writing ability. Advances in Social Science" Education and Humanities Research, Vol.275, pp.79-81

Bateman, John, Veloso, Francisco , Wildfeuer, Janina, Cheung, Felix, and Guo, Nancy (2017). "An open multilevel annotation scheme for the visual layout of comics and graphic novels: motivation and design. " Digital Scholarship in the Humanities, Vol.32, No.3, pp.476-510

Guo, Nancy, and Feng, Dezheng (2015). "Infusing multiliteracies into English language curriculum: The visual construction of knowledge in English textbooks from an ontogenetic perspective" Linguistics and Education, Vol.31, pp.115-129

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Wu, Yang Andrew, and Guo, Songdan Nancy (2019). "Sustainable Development of Electric Vehicles in the Pearl River Delta Area of China", United States