Dr Wilson LEUNG

Journal publications:

Publication in refereed journal

Wut, Edmund, Ng, Peggy, Leung, Wilson, and Lee, Daisy (2021). "Do gamified elements affect young people’s use behaviour on consumption-related mobile applications?" Young Consumers, pp.1-19

Leung, Wilson K.S., Shi, S., and Chow, W.S. (2019). "Impacts of user interactions on trust development in C2C social commerce: The central role of reciprocity" Internet Research, pp.1-22

Conference papers:

Refereed conference paper

Leung, Wilson K.S., Shi, S., and Chow, W.S. (2018). "Understanding the impact of reciprocity on trust and trust performance in C2C social commerce" The 24th Cross Strait Conference of Information Management Development and Strategy (CSIM 2018), Hong Kong, 24 August 2018, pp.257-274