Mr Patrick CHAN

Journal publications:

Publication in policy or professional journal

Chan, Kai Ching Patrick (2015). "A Collaborative Design Curriculum for Reviving Sheet Metal Handicraft" International Journal of Art & Design Education, Vol.34, No.3, pp.369-377

Chan, Kai Ching Patrick (2005). "“Signs in Hong Kong: A cultural analysis on the socialness of design”" Xpress, Vol.12, pp.9-13

Conference papers:

Invited conference paper

Chan, Patrick (2014). "A collaborative design curriculum on restoring zinc handicraft", In International Journal of Art and Design Education ed. iJADE Conference 2014: Collaborative practices in Arts Education, Liverpool, UK, 24 October 2014

Refereed conference paper

Lee, Tak Chi, and Chan, Kai Ching Patrick (2010). "“Integrated creative platform (ICP): Strategic innovation for China’s creative and manufacturing industries in the post-financial-downturn era”", In Arja Ropo, Saara Taalas and Marjo Mäenpää ed. The International Conference on the Creative Economy “Creative Economy and Beyond”, Helsinki, Finland, 10 September 2009, Creative Industries Finland, Helsinki, Finland, pp.322-333

Creative and literary works, consulting reports and case studies:

Consulting or contract research report

Lee, Tak Chi, and Chan, Patrick (2011). " Design • Innovation • Collaboration — Innovation by strategic design: A platform for design-industry collaboration in Hong Kong and Guangdong", Strategic Design Lab, School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, 68pp