Dr Chun Wing LEE

Scholarly books, monographs and chapters:

Research book or monograph (author)

Lee, Chun Wing (2020)。 足球王國:戰後初期的香港足球(增訂版)

Lee, Chun Wing (2016). Labor and Class Identities in Hong Kong: Class Processes in a Neoliberal Global City, 1st Ed., Palgrave Macmillan, New York, 202pp

Lee, Chun Wing (2015)。 《足球王國:戰後初期的香港足球》(香港:三聯出版社)

Chapter in an edited book (author)

Lee, Chun Wing (2015)。 『超越「和平理性」?香港年青社運參與者的政治參與』,載於鄭宇碩(編)《香港政治參與新型態》,頁101至117。(香港:香港城市大學當代中國研究計劃)

Lee, Chun Wing (2010). "Online Nationalism and Sino-UK Relations", In Simon Shen and Shaun Breslin ed. Online Chinese Nationalism and China’s Bilateral Relations, Lexington Books, Plymouth, pp.199-216

Edited book (editor)

Lee, Chun Wing (2020)。 青年「奴」工:廿一世紀初的香港故事

Journal publications:

Publication in refereed journal

Lee, Chun Wing (2021). "Defending local culture through the global game in Southern China: Guangzhou Football Club fan culture" European Journal for Sport and Society , pp.1-22

Lee, Chun Wing (2018). "PRC v. Hong Kong: politics and identity from the Cold War years to the twenty-first century" Soccer & Society, Vol.19, No.5, pp.858-874

Lee, Chun Wing (2017). "Can Hong Kong Chinese football players represent their ‘Fatherland’? The Cold War, FIFA and the 1966 Asian Games" Soccer & Society, Vol.18, No.2, pp.296-310

Lee, Chun Wing (2016). "Schools, Peers, and the Political Socialization of Young Social Movement Participants in Hong Kong" Taiwan Journal of Democracy, Vol.12, No.2, pp.105-125

Lee, Chun Wing (2013). "From Shamateruism to Pioneer of Asia’s Professional Football: The Introduction of Professional Football in Hong Kong" Soccer & Society, Vol.14, No.5, pp.603-614

Lee, Chun Wing (2011)。 「香港人的階級經驗與對經濟制度的取態 」,載於《香港社會科學學報》第41期,頁41至63。

Lee, Chun Wing (2010). "Politics, Identity and Football During the Cold War: When Hong Kong Played the Republic of China in 1959" The International Journal of Sport and Society , Vol.1, No.4, pp.59-70

Lee, Chun Wing (2008). "Collective Identity, Individual Identity and Social Movements: The Right of Abode Seekers in Hong Kong" Asian and Pacific Migration Journal , Vol.17, No.1, pp.33-60