Dr Esther TONG


2017 - 2017FSTE General Education (GE) Outstanding Teaching Award

2015 - 2015CPCE Dean’s Award for Outstanding Teaching Performance / Achievement 2014/15

2015 - 2015CPCE Outstanding Teaching Performance/Achievement Award 2014/15

2013 - 2013Long Service Award

2007 - 2007HKCC Outstanding Teaching Award 2006-07

2004 - 2004HKCC Outstanding Teaching Award 2003-2004

Professional services

2017 - 2017Subject Expert, Diploma Yijin (DYJ) Course Material Development Exercise 2017

2016 - 2017Course Advisor (English), FSTE DYJ Curriculum Review Exercise

2016 - 2016External Examiner of ELC1012 English for University Studies in the English Language and Communication Requirement (LCR) Subject Review 2016
Unit/Institution: English Language Centre, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

2012 - NowCourse Advisor/ External Examiner (English Language) for Diploma Yijin (DYJ) Programme

2005 - 2012Consultant (English), Hangzhou Wanxiang (Polytechnic) College


2005 - 2012Consultant (English), Hangzhou Wanxiang Polytechnic, China

Research grants

2018 - 2021Co-investigator/ Project Member (Project Implementation Team and Project Evaluation Team)
Project Title: Enhancing Students’ Academic Engagement in Mathematics through a Bilingual Integrated “Concept + Language Mapping” Approach"
Quality Enhancement Support Scheme (QESS), (Funding Amount: HKD2,367,710)

2016 - 2018Principal Investigator
Project Title: Supporting Students’ Academic Discourse Development in Sub-degree Programmes: An Adjunct Language-across-the-curriculum Instructional Model
SCOLAR Research and Development Project, Standing Committee on Language Education and Research (Funding Amount: HKD800,000)

2009 - 2011Principal Investigator/ Project Coordinator
Project Title: Language Support Programmes for Enhancing Weaker Students’ English Language Proficiency
Quality Enhancement Grant Scheme (Funding Amount: HKD1,021,000)